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My name is Ryan Hill. I am a growing, independent writer and sometimes producer, professional IT worker by day, American entrepreneur, and among many other things a student of history. A Texan by birth, I...
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This site in a previous edition served as the news and opinion journal, Standard Excellence....

Sharpiegate: A Primer

Do you remember #SharpieGate? I do. I remember it well. For those who were unaware,...
"Best sites and services you can use as an alternative to the biggest players, such as Google, Facebook, etc. Work in progress and open to suggestions - tweet me! Links will be added! Why is..."

Alternative Internet Sites

"Running on all 8 cylinders, this is my 02 S10 pickup. Introducing Amelia, my 2002 Chevrolet S10 now powered by a Time Vortec. She's one of a kind, and a long term work in progress,..."

S10 Creations

"A NEW section dedicated to teaching people how to be or become Practically Smart. I'm a very practical person, which sometimes may make my methods seem strange. Until you understand the practical nature behind them...."

Practically Smart