UPDATE: I am working on a new kind of lawn care and grounds keeping, designed to be affordable and environmentally friendly. Imagine a finely manicured property without the noisy, heavy, gasoline-burning equipment. If you are interested in this type of managed landscaping service for your property in the next year, give me a shout on my contact form!


Who would’ve thought the first project on the new StandardExcellence.net would be for lawn care? As our HOA disbanded this year, I have offered to take care of a neighborhood’s easement strip between the back yards and a major street. This used to be taken care of through the HOA, but now falls on the owners of each property to maintain.

The neighborhood is in a nice area of OKC with good schools and continuing growth. It’s surrounded on all sides by other neighborhoods & apartments that keep their grass well trimmed against the major road. Ours has been no exception as long as I’ve lived here, and I want to make sure it stays in great shape.

Online payment instructions will go here if people want to start paying that way. If enough people sign up, this will enable a cleaner, quieter alternative to traditional riding gas lawnmowers – it will really be something special! Any lawn covered for this season will have large weeds pulled prior to mowing, and cleanup of brush & litter as needed. Let’s keep our neighborhood looking great!

By FoaRyan

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