Hello, fortuitous readers. The new year is in full swing, temperatures are beginning to rise much like the CoronaVirus. But I trust for most of you, all is well.

Back in the saddle again. With the site more or less in ‘maintenance mode’ the last few years, I have slacked off on my writing. But that was never the intent, in fact I’d love to write for some big recognizable name brand, at least on a freelance or seeder basis. (Let she who is in the industry understand.) However, as life often goes, you constantly look at your priorities and make decisions.

I like to think of life sometimes as a game of 80/20. You take the path that gives you the most gain (the 80%), and don’t worry about the 20. You may find if you do this repeatedly that your life gets better, sort of automatically. So after the 2016 election, and five years of publishing my own content, I decided to give the ‘zine life a rest. It was a letdown, but felt at the same time like an accomplishment. I produced a platform, covered stories, and felt like I made some kind of difference – for half a decade in the political sphere.

This in time for 2020. But here we are again, after a time of adjusting priorities. What did I do? Oh, not a whole lot actually. I bought a car the day James Comey was fired, found love and heartbreak, paid off all my debts except a mortgage and the new car, started truly saving for the first time, suddenly changed job roles, and a few other minor things like that.

And yet all this time, one of my true passions is reporting and commenting on the issues of our day. Tweeting is one thing, and I have continued to tweet my reporting and hot-takes all along, but it’s the desire to do more, push the limit, keep moving onto new ground that’s been driving me.

In ’20 we have a lot going on, both nationally and at the local levels. There’s a lot to talk about and a lot of issues that simply don’t get the coverage they should. Or if they are covered, it’s with dishonest spin and one-directional bias. I tend to want a neutral view of the facts (what mainstream networks consider neutral is a far cry from my view), and balanced commentary that truly shows both sides of an issue.

Here is a link to my first video production where I discuss all this, and a lot more:

You can also follow me on Periscope and Twitter @FoaRyan.

Time and schedule will be worked out as I go. I am in the process of setting up a studio, getting software and possibly some equipment to make it look great! Stay tuned!

By FoaRyan

Citizen of the United States of America dedicated to spreading truth and information for patriots.