What a busy week!

Coronavirus spread, was briefly known as COVID-19 before taking on more fun, easy to spell slang terms such as CoVi or cv. Most of us are simply trying to mind our business and do the proper thing, but the news can be confusing. I make some sense of it.

I visited 23rd & Lincoln for a meeting with my state legislators, to have a talk, or really, start a conversation about gun violence related legislation. Many people may not know this because I haven’t shared it much before, but gun violence has touched my life closely. I was once on the other end of ‘the barrel’ during a New Year’s Eve break-in. Hear about the talks we had, and more of Oklahoma 2020 topics on this week’s episode of my new show.

Still getting the “studio” set up, making progress. I have some lighting, streaming software, and more! Two weeks ago I ran a test broadcast not intended for the website to get a few bugs worked out. This week I try out a picture-in-picture box and remember to introduce myself from the very beginning!

At one future point I will title this show. Stay tuned, you won’t want to miss it! In the mean time you can follow me on twitter @FoaRyan.

By FoaRyan

Citizen of the United States of America dedicated to spreading truth and information for patriots.

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