Forgive the change in appearance, if you’d grown fond of the last one. We are moving ahead this October with a return to the reporting spirit that launched this site to its first glory. It won’t become a news-only site, as I plan to expand the forms of media, include a store, and a few other pieces not ready to be announced. In the mean time, this will create a medium for posting content, whether my own or submitted work.

We know that tech giants are tightening their grip over media of all forms. I think once TV left its place of prominence and the people who run these companies saw it, they switched gears to the web. Now they’ve consolidated, and have more control over the internet. For example with Google buying out YouTube years ago, boosting it while effectively stifling out all relative competition. The small services you used to sign up for, like Instagram or LinkedIn, now roll up to a facebook profile, without which you can hardly have an online identity.

The people have to fight this. It will require some work in Congress, but frankly, the bigger piece of it is consumer action. Who do you choose to use?

I switched my default search engines, unfortunately that’s not enough. Microsoft lost an antitrust case in part due to their packaging of software, which still happens. And it’s not as simple as switching search providers – somewhere around 75% of websites have Google tracking elements embedded in them. You won’t know it until you’ve already browsed, and they find ways around blocking systems. DNS is provided by Google. They know your IP addresses, your devices, and your habits on all of them, if they’re connected to the internet. This information is then used to form a profile about you, even if your name isn’t known. They don’t need your name to figure out your favorite music genre, or that you’re a 36 year old woman in Ohio. That’s all been given to them freely, by you, the consumer.

The only way to defeat these epinormous para-government entities is to select not to participate. Retake control. Get educated (my Alternative Internet Services guide is a good starting point), and then reduce your tracking footprint on the web.

By FoaRyan

Citizen of the United States of America dedicated to spreading truth and information for patriots.

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