In the now hotly contested 2020 presidential election, many reports of irregularities began even before Election Day. Starting on that day, however, many eyewitnesses began to go on video and share their observations.

2020 Atlantic Named StormsI’d written already about a political event that became known as “#SharpieGate” back in the ancient year of AD 2019. It was a year full of hurricanes. You remember those, right? Big, powerful spinning storms that wreak havoc when they crash ashore? Amazingly I think the most powerful hurricane to make landfall on the Continental US last year was a Cat 2. That was Hurricane Sally, and I barely remember her! Don’t even start with me about the ‘zombie’ Paulette. That’s how BORING 2020 hurricane season was, the media resorted to assigning zombie characteristics to storms. Back from the dead!

Kidding aside, I had combined Sharpiegate 1 and Sharpiegate 2 into a single page, and it was starting to get overwhelming. I decided to share with the world here, the account I made of the continuance of Sharpiegate, as seen in the 2020 US election. For background on the Sharpiegate saga, check out Sharpiegate: A Primer.

The Sharpie Saga Continues

In 2020, Sharpiegate has come back for ROUND 2, namely in the form of possibly rejected ballots that were filled out with a Sharpie marker, instead of pens. Multiple voters in Arizona have reported they were given sharpies INSTEAD of pens, which was not a statewide practice. They also reported or suspected their ballots were not counted. Well, it turns out that may be true.

First, some testimony. The key here is that the ballots could not be VALIDATED. Despite what you may have heard that sharpies were “okay,” that’s different from whether or not the machine could process them. Legally ok, mechanically in question. This voter says she and others were given sharpies after ball point pens were taken from them:

There is currently a lawsuit filed seeking answers about this. “Arizona voters who claim their ballots were canceled because they were asked to use Sharpie markers to fill them out have filed a lawsuit demanding their ballots be restored.”

In the mean time, CodeMonkeyZ, former admin of the message boards known as 8ch, started going through the admin manual of Dominion, a voting system widely used in the 2020 election. He isolated potential vulnerabilities and explained how they could be exploited, good info for investigations that are getting started. He also found that a folder contains images of ballots with scanning errors. It’s possible, and not even unlikely, a miss-scan could have occurred on the AZ sharpie ballots, and if so they could be recovered. Also a hand recount could discover them.

CodeMonkeyZ finds file path to ambiguous ballots

Dominion voting system

A Michigan voter also claims pollgoers were given sharpies instead of pens.

An email has surfaced regarding the use of Sharpies in Arizona. The instructions were to use ball point pens up until 10/22, then switch to Sharpies. It especially emphasizes using them on Election Day. Why would it be so important to use sharpies at all, especially on specific days like the highest turnout day? If machine reading of the markers has anything to do with it, as evidenced by the marginal mark setting, this sure looks like a plan to negatively impact the election.

email showing instructions to switch from pens to sharpies

How far does this scandal reach? How many states were affected by Sharpies, lowered image settings, or a combination of the two? Will we ever learn the full details? It will take extensive audits to get the truth.

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