Central Oklahoma COVID-19 Business Index

Due to the emergency situation in the United States, around the world, and in my home state of Oklahoma, we the people are called upon to do

On March 15, 2020, the state of Oklahoma declared an emergency in all 77 counties, and began closing public offices, public schools, and ordering or otherwise encouraging private businesses to close their doors in order to prevent the spread of this deadly virus, known as COVID-19, or Coronavirus. Also referred to as CV on this site.

With restaurants and other businesses closing, this page will list LOCAL COMMUNITY restaurants still operating and ways you can order services from them.

Restaurants with an asterisk (*) have not yet been verified by Standard Excellence to confirm services offered.


To-go or drive-thru service available

Oklahoma City

Tamashii Ramen* (heard through resident on Twitter)

Earl’s Rib Palace – All metro locations currently serving carry-out orders.

Area Homeland stores are partnering with Roccoco Restaurant & Bar (and possibly other restaurants) to provide entrees to customers. According to their 3/25 tweet entrees are available at 122nd & Rockwell, Britton & May, Yukon, and 18th & Classen locations.


  • Crawfish Pot*

Delivery only

Some dine-in restaurants are offering delivery with limited offerings. Be sure to tip well!!


Many of our dedicated transportation workers are working overtime, with normal restrictions lifted for those supporting the country’s response effort. Many are carrying vital medical equipment or food to keep Americans healthy, and yet are having trouble finding a place to park and rest, or grab a bite to eat. These businesses have indicated they will accommodate these brave individuals

  • McDonald’s* – While this is an international chain, McDonald’s is very AMERICAN in many ways, and I’ve heard they are opening their curbside service to truckers. Many McDonald’s locations already have those big parking lots anyway, they know what’s up.


BONUS: Philly. Philadelphia is a city and an area of the country that is close to my heart. CBS Philadelphia has a page with local businesses in that area with take-out or delivery service. There is an interactive map and a list with details like service times.