EMF Exposure Evaluations

Exposure to wireless digital communications signals has grown significantly in the last few decades. Many people do not realize they are in environments with 24/7 microwave signals being transmitted, nor that it has a number of impacts on those living or working in these conditions.

While some people don’t experience or notice any impact immediately, when in the presence of a signal like a wifi router or cell phone on an active call, the long term effects are now becoming well documented. See the US National Toxicology Program’s 2018 report from a , or read this article on the link between RF exposure and gliomas (cancer) as described by an NTP former Associate Director.

Bottom line: Despite the fact that many industry spokespersons and interested parties claim there is NO harmful effect known caused by radio frequency electromagnetic radiation, there is plenty of evidence to the contrary. Case in point – if there are no harmful effects, why are there safety limits? Why did the FCC implement policy in 1996 to limit the SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) of wireless devices if there are no safety concerns?

If you would like an evaluation in your home, business, or place of learning or worship in the state of Oklahoma, contact me to discuss the details.

I am currently offering the following packaged services:

  • Home or Office exposure evaluation
  • Recommendation on lowering exposure and emission levels
  • Implementation of home or small office network equipment

(Final rates to be established; individual pricing will be given for now.)