Q Confirmations

In late 2017 the internet began to see anonymous posts on a forum from a source of some kind identified as Q. Since that time, a lot of posts have occurred, and those who have heard of or seen them have to make something of them. I’ve posted my own opinions of them here, and have modified my understanding only slightly since. Many (often vocal) followers of Q’s posts have much more elaborate ideas of the extent of corruption to be uncovered, including events that go all the way back to 1937, 1913, and further. I don’t know about all of it, but I do know a thing or two about palettes of cash on airplanes bound for Iran, establishment politics, and a long list of Clintonian dirty laundry. Q has covered all of that, accurately, and leaves little doubt in my mind that they are at least on the inside of things, with entirely helpful intent.

Q Proofs

I see a lot of these. As opposed to calling them “Q Proofs,” which to me are not usually proofs and don’t help new people understand, I like to call these “Q confirmations” instead. Maybe another good name could be Q Validations.

PROOF implies concrete connections. Often what I see called a proof, I can’t even tell what dots are there to connect, much less what it proves or what proves it.

There are many ways, however, Q has been CONFIRMED to me. Not the least of which is Q+, a.k.a. POTUS, confirming his association on endless occasion. I don’t mean he drew a circle with a diagonal line through it to look like a Q. I don’t even mean that he pointed at someone holding up a Q sign or wearing a Q shirt. All of those things are too easy to be misinterpreted.

What I’m talking about is Q posting about a topic deemed controversial or conspiratorial, and then months or however later, a story comes out verifying exactly what Q said. This is “future proves past.”


Let’s start with a generic one. Not every proof, so-to-speak, is going to be a knockout punch. But if the general message didn’t line up with known facts, you could dismiss the rest of everything Q.

Here’s one you probably haven’t heard if all you’ve read are hit piece articles from media outlets: Why are judicial appointments being rapidly completed?

From Q post 151. In November 2017 (that’s when Q “began” or first showed up online). I’ve heard Trump brag about the judges, about appointing so many and so fast. But not until mid-2019 when he’d crossed the 100 mark. And since that time it’s like weekly he’s reminding everyone, there were so many vacancies he couldn’t believe it, and Sen. Mitch McConnell has been so good to move them through the process. Judges are important. (Update: As of June 24, 2020, it’s now 200.)

Google search showing CNN and Washington Post articles

External Links

When I find information elsewhere that says basically what I wanted to say, I’ll link to it here with a summary.

Joy In Liberty – Just found this site today (April 21, 2020). Q Deltas are one of a slew of coincidences we watch, where Q posts within minutes of the time President Donald Trump tweets. Tweets have timestamps as well as the platform Q posts on. Joy In Liberty has some significant such deltas compiled in a spreadsheet. After looking at the spreadsheet itself, it appears to be all Q and Trump posts with timestamps. There’s probably a way to show the Q’s only with the immediate line before and after, but it’s a lot of data to sort through manually.


To be continued…



A thought dump:

Calm before the storm – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=79D2YXv5Me0 and Post 38
Won’t say his name – John McCain frequently mentioned about the vote “I won’t say it but” (post 25)
Broke the sound barrier – https://twitter.com/Bruno062418/status/1180462680592785408
(Loudest I’ve ever heard)
Talks about 1799 – while this is a stretch for me, post 1799 talks about proofs are important. Proofs are like little Easter eggs, small samples left to help you or to confirm communications
Post 506 on missing Q talks about learning to understand the correlation
– again this is where I say some go “too far” and draw all kinds of connections that surpass the Bible code. Not cryptography. But there are ways to get the message. Think Culper spy ring. Some of the most interesting cryptography.

April 2, 2018. One of the earliest confirmations I heard was “tippy top.” After Q had begun posting and the comms method was pretty well established, an anon on the board where Q posted at the time (I think) asked for POTUS to say the words “tippy top” and “tip top” at some point. Within 2 months, he did. This certainly got my attention. I wasn’t fully on board yet, but I was now listening. “We call it sometimes tippy-top shape,” he said. That “we call it” or similar phrasing is often a tip-off.

6/3/20 – The plan isn’t a prediction. The plan is the plan. It’s the last best hope we have of returning American government to the American people. The enemy has a plan, so why shouldn’t we?