It’s a busy week! Durham’s wearing a red tie, AOC is engaged, and Bill Gates channels dark money to attack Elon Musk. This week we’re outlining new revelations gleaned from the Sussman trial, plus an announcement on where you can hear Ryan Hill tomorrow on another show!

Breaking news… Forbes Exclusive, details confirmed by FOX. FBI nabs ISIS suspect who plotted to assassinate GWB. But he never actually carried out any of his plans?? This highlights border security concerns – but this is just a plan, not something that was carried out. And I thought TRUMP was the one making this up?

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Tomorrow (or 5/25, the day of this posting), I will be with my OKLIG colleague Wendi on Me, Myself, and Liberty with host Subrina Banks. We will be discussing the election integrity concerns and known problems in Oklahoma. Be sure to check out her show, and I will post a link here on Standard Excellence once it’s live tonight.

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