This week we have new information about a war on DUCKS, an extension of the war on Foxes. Plus the latest AI rumored to have achieved a state of consciousness, so-called Red Flag laws, and the state of the US economy that looks about like it’s standing on the edge of a cliff.

I take some time to lay out the state of where things are, and offer a few suggestions on how you can prepare and weather this recession.

In the middle of all this uneasiness, the Supreme Court is set to release a decision that will potentially overturn Roe v Wade. How are we going to process all this, and face a recession? I offer my thoughts, and hope that it will help you make sense of a confusing time.

Links to articles mentioned in the show:

  • Trump issued a 12-page response to the J6 hearing/investigation.
  • Duck Wars: First it was foxes, now ducks.
  • Recession: Economist says we’re already descending into a recession.
  • Sentient AI tech? This is the latest developer, a former Google AI chatbot tester, who says he got the sense it achieved consciousness.

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